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National Expert Group Meeting - Turkmenistan

24 January (10:00) - 26 January (18:00) 2018
Ashgabat Turkmenistan

Agenda (ENG and  RUS

List of Participants 

Meeting objectives:

  • Provide forum for discussion for the representatives of different state authorities dealing with industrial safety, environmental protection and water management with engagement of civil society and industry representatives;
  • Allow exchange of experience between the international and local experts;
  • Improve the understanding of the Industrial Accidents Convention and Strategic Approach, including the benchmarks with its indicators and criteria to measure progress;
  • Support the national experts in the elaboration and finalization of the national self-assessment;
  • Set grounds for the preparation of a national action plan.

By the Secretariat:
1. Agenda and objectives of the meeting
2. Industrial Accidents Convention - scope and main requirements
3. Assistance Programme and Strategic Approach
4. Guide on the key requirements and upcoming subregional meetings

By International experts:
1. Convention implementation in Belarus
2. Convention implementation in the Russian Federation