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Introductory workshop on the National State of the Environment Report (NSoER) development in Turkmenistan - online

26 March 2024
Ashgabat Turkmenistan

The Ministry of Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan, in collaboration with UNECE and UNEP, will be developing a National State of the Environment Report (NSoER) and aims to strengthen national capacities for its regular production, based on international guidelines and good practices.

The introductory workshop, which is organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection with the support of UNECE and UNEP aims to provide an introduction to national state of the environment reporting, the DPSIR framework and the methodology for the report development and will share international examples. The workshop also aims at agreeing on an outline for the report and to discuss next steps.

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English and Russian.

Beyond providing data on the environment, the new edition of the NSoER for Turkmenistan aims to improve public accessibility of environmental data and raise awareness about the state and trends of the environment in the country. By making the data on the environment available, the NSoER will also foster public participation in environmental decision-making and set up the practice of regular reporting on the status of the environment in the future.



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