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First meeting of the Task Force on Access to Justice

16 - 17 February 2006
Geneva Switzerland
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Registration form   DOC - -
Provisional agenda for the first meeting   DOC - DOC
Report of the meeting   PDF PDF PDF
Information, Training and Analytical Materials and Training Events   DOC - DOC
Information note on practices in the UK   DOC - n/a
Access to Justice and Remedies (presentation by Prof. Jan Darpo, Uppsala University, Sweden)   PPT - PPT
Environmental mediation as an ADR instrument (presentation by Ms Anna Muner, Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water management)   PPT - -
Promoting environmental mediation as a tool for public participation and conflict resolution (presentation by Ms Kaidi Tingas, REC)   PPT - -
Access to Justice: the Hungarian Story (presentation by Mr Gabor Baranyai, Hungarian Ministry of Environment and Water)   PPT - -
Assistance mechanisms and costs (presentation by Prof. John Bonine, ELAW/European ECO Forum)   PPT - -
ICT tools for training on access to justice (presentation by Iordanca-Rodica Iordanov, Milieukontakt Oost-Europa)   PPT - -
List of participants   PDF - -