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The 17th NPD Steering Committee

19 October 2018
Yerevan Armenia
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Agenda (Повестка дня)  PDF
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Presentations ENG ARM
Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement: Recommended Actions for Implementation
Ms. Stella Mikayelyan and Mr. Arsen Karapetyan, National Experts
Reforming “Harmful” Irrigation Subsidies in Armenia
Mr. Vahagn Tonoyan, EUWI+ Project Representative in Armenia
Analysis of the water legislative framework and identification of the legislative barriers to ensure equitable access to water supply and sanitation
Mr. Tigran Oganezov, National Expert
Revision of targets in the context of the Protocol on Water and Health
Ms. Emma Anakhasyan, National Expert
Update on Laboratory Development, and Surface and Groundwater Monitoring
Mr. Michael Sutter, Project Leader, EU Member States Consortium (Austria, France)
Development of River Basin Management Plans in Armenia
Ms. Florence Pintus, RBMP Thematic Leader, EU Member States Consortium (Austria, France)