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An overview of methodologies for hazard rating of industrial sites

This report provides an overview of hazard rating systems used by competent authorities in various UNECE member States for prioritising resources and directing attention to chemical hazard sites and industries where it is most needed. The report describes each system without attempting to analyse or compare differences or similarities. The purpose of the report is to give countries insight into various approaches as they are seeking to establish or modify the same or similar systems in future to support effective implementation of chemical accident prevention and preparedness policy. The information in this report is summarised from responses of the featured UNECE countries to a survey distributed by the Major Accident Hazards Bureau of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and the Convention of the Transboundary effects of Industrial Accidents. For this reason, this document should be an encouraging input to countries who have not yet established their own rating systems but are considering it.
The publication has been prepared by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre with the support of UNECE.
Available in English and Russian.
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