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Guidance Note on the Development of Action Plans to Ensure Equitable Access to Water and Sanitation

The Guidance Note on the development of action plans aims to help countries in translating the priorities identified through the self-assessment into actions. Specific Equitable Access Action Plans are needed to guide country (or sub-national entity) efforts to achieve equitable access to water and sanitation by identifying priority actions to be implemented and ways of implementing them. The Note describes the content of Action Plans and their process of development.
This Note is mostly intended for government authorities and stakeholders in the water, health, education, social affairs, finance and other relevant sectors that would like to take action to reduce inequities in access to water and sanitation services. It is relevant both to countries that have already completed a self-assessment exercise, and to countries that are considering to embark in an integrated exercise that would include a self-assessment phase and an action planning phase. While the work carried out under the Protocol is primarily geared towards countries in the pan-European region, countries from other regions might also find this Note useful.
Download the brochure in English, French and Russian.