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Draft UNFC Supplemental Specifications for Groundwater Resources

Public Comments
No Date Name and Affiliation  Comment
1 13-12-2023 International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre PDF
2 25-12-2023 Dr. Samuel Tetsopgang, Senior Lecturer of Geosciences, The University of Bamenda, Cameroon PDF
3 28-12-2023 Ms. Oudi Kgomongwe and Ms. Deborah Mochotlhi, Water Information Integration 
Department of Water & Sanitation, Republic of South Africa
4 30-12-2023 Dr. Sally Salaah, Associate Professor, Water Pollution, Fresh water Division, National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF), Egypt PDF
5 03-01-2024 Mr. Ziad Khayat, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia PDF
6 05-01-2024 Dr. Michelle Walvoord, Research Hydrologist, Earth System Processes Division, United States Geological Survey PDF
7 09-01-2024 Dr. Mohammad Albeldawi, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Comments, Qatar PDF
8 10-01-2024 Regional Centre for Groundwater Management in Latin America and the Caribbean (CeReGAS), Uruguay  PDF
9 11-01-2024 Centro de Hidrogeología de la Universidad de Málaga (CEHIUMA), Spain  PDF
10 11-01-2024 State Commission on Mineral Resources of the Russian Federation (GKZ) PDF
11 12-01-2024 Dr. Piet Kebuang Kenabatho, Botswana PDF
12 12-01-2024 Ms. Cintia Nagy, Head of Department for International Relations, Ministry of Energy, Hungary  PDF
13 12-01-2024 State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources, Ukraine PDF
14 12-01-2024 Secretariat of the Convention on the Protection and Use  of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes, serviced by UNECE PDF
15 13-01-2024 Dr. Morufu Olalekan Raimi, Federal University Otuoke, Nigeria PDF
16 13-01-2024 Dr. Patrick Lachassagne, Director - Laboratoire HydroSciences Montpellier, France PDF PDF
17 14-01-2024 Ms. Carolina Guardiola Albert, Presidenta del Grupo Español de la Asociación Internacional de Hidrogeólogos (AIH-GE), Spainsh Chapter PDF
18 14-01-2024 Dr. Oleg Podolny, Hydrogeoecological Research and Design Company “KazHYDEC” (Ltd.), Kazakhstan PDF
19 14-01-2024 Ms. Marie-Hélène AUBERT, President, French Water Partnership, France PDF 
20 14-01-2024 Dr. Larry Stevens, Director, Springs Stewardship Institute, USA PDF
21 15-01-2024 118 experts, professionals and representatives -  Joint comment letter PDF
22 15-01-2025 Dr. Alistair Jones, Independent Expert, United Kingdom PDF
23 15-01-2024 Mr. François Bertone, François Bertone, Water, World Bank Group PDF
24 15-01-2024 Ms. M Amakali and Ms. A Mwetulundila, Directorate of Water Resource Management, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, Namibia PDF
25 15-01-2024 Dr. Richard Taylor, University College London, UK; Dr. Tom Gleeson, University of Victoria, Canada; Dr. Grant Ferguson, University of Saskatchewan, Canada;  Dr. Mark Cuthbert, Cardiff University, UK PDF
26 15-01-2024 Dr. A. Aureli, Former UNESCO Chief of Section Groundwater Sustainability and Water Cooperation. Senior Advisor SADC Groundwater Management Institute PDF
27 15-01-2024 Dr. Annukka Lipponen, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Natural Resources and Water Management Unit 
28 15-01-2024 Dr. Kirsti Korkka-Niemi, Geological Survey of Finland, Finland
29 15-01-2024 Mr. Abdel Kader Dodo, Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) PDF
30 15-01-2024 Mr. Amir Abbas Mohammadi Koushki,  National Invention and Innovation Team of Iran  PDF
31 15-01-2024 Dr. Bertil Nlend; Dr. Huguette Emvoutou; Dr. Zakari Mfonka; and Dr. Suzanne Ngo Boum-Nkot, University of Douala, Cameroon PDF
32 16-01-2024

Dr. Eng. Pandele Neculae, World Petroleum Council 

33 17-01-2024 Dr. Patrice Moix, Groundwater Sustainability and Water Cooperation, UNESCO PDF
34 17-01-2024 EGRM Geothermal Energy Sub-group  PDF PDF 
35 23-01-2024 Geneva Water Hub and the State of Geneva PDF