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Astana Water Action 

The Astana Water Action (AWA) is a collection of suggested actions for improving the status of water and water-related ecosystems through their sustainable management. It seeks to assist Governments in better managing their water resources according to the local, national and regional challenges they face by providing a series of concrete actions they can take, including to tackle issues that are not currently being addressed.

AWA can also contribute to the implementation of the water-related commitments expressed in numerous international agendas, including the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, Agenda 21, the United Nations Millennium Declaration, the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, and the outcome of documents of the 13th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development.

AWA was developed in 2011 by the Chair of the Bureau of the UNECE Water Convention and the UNECE Committee on Environmental Policy, along with representatives from 13 countries and 8 international organizations and non-governmental organizations. AWA was endorsed by the Committee on Environmental Policy as one of the Conference outcomes and was subsequently launched at the Seventh Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference in Astana, Kazakhstan, in September 2011.


Progress reports and lessons learned


When the AWA was agreed upon at the Seventh Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference in 2011, twenty-one countries and four organizations committed to 78 actions that will help to support sustainable water management in their territories and strengthen transboundary water cooperation throughout the regions where Parties are located. AWA remains open for stakeholders to continue using it in order to actively further the sustainable management of water and water-related ecosystems. Current participants are encouraged to continue their support of the AWA after its formal end in 2016. Click on the name of a country or organization in the table below to learn more about the actions to which they have committed and their progress so far (where applicable). 

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For questions, or to request more information relating to the Astana Water Action, please contact the Environment for Europe Secretariat at [email protected], or the Water Convention Secretariat at [email protected].

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