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Mission to Guatemala City, Guatemala 19-21 August 2022

Guatemala: A middle-income country with a population of 17.11 million. According to WHO (2018), the road fatalities in Guatemala have the 13th highest in the American Region among the 30 countries (16.6 deaths per 100,000 population). Meanwhile, the regional rate is 15.6 deaths per 100,000 population, and the rate in Guatemala is higher than the regional rate. Guatemala has acceded to none of the 7 UN road safety legal instruments.


During the mission, the Special Envoy met with the following officials towards advocating for safer roads in the country:
•    H.E. Mr. Mario Adolfo Bucaro Flores, Minister of Foreign Affairs;
•    H.E. Ms. Claudia Patricia Ruíz Casasola, Minister of Education;
•    H.E. Dr. Francisco José Coma Martín, Minister of Health and Social Assistance;
•    H.E. Mr. Álvaro González Ricci, Minister of Public Finance;
•    Mr. Ricardo Quinonez, Guatemala’s City Major and Ms. Onelia Roca, Director for Women, Municipality of Guatemala;
•    Delegations from FUNDESA and Guatemala no se detiene;
•    Mr. Rocael Herrera Navas, Director-General, Protección y Seguridad Vial;
•    Delegation from the WB;
•    Ms. Celia María Morales Orellana, President, Youth Guatemala, APASIT;
•    UNCT Guatemala;
•    Automóvil Club de Guatemala.