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Meeting with the EU Heads of Missions


On 24 June 2020, the Special Envoy met with the European Union Heads of Mission (EU HoMs) in Geneva to discuss the urgency of the road safety crisis.

Throughout his remarks, he requested for concrete support on three fronts: the key role of the UNRSF, road safety as a Human Rights issue and the adoption of the UN General Assembly Resolution. Specifically, he encouraged for solid commitments in securing the formal support of governments to the Fund, highlighted how important it is ensuring that road safety gets the attention it deserves in the Human Rights agenda and requested efforts from representatives in New York to support the introduction and adoption of the Resolution ensuring that this critical issue of road safety does not get side-lined amidst the current circumstances.

The Special Envoy also elaborated on how Covid-19 affected communities in multitudes and the opportunities that this crisis has given to rethink mobility systems. Furthermore, the Special Envoy and the HoMs commented the outcome of the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety reflected in the Stockholm Declaration.