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Fourth Session of the Advisory Board of the UNRSF

On 8 July 2020, the Special Envoy delivered opening remarks at the Fourth Session of the Advisory Board of the UNRSF.

The Special Envoy focused his intervention on fundraising and earmarking, and encouraged all stakeholders and donors to act quickly in support of the Fund. Furthermore, Mr. Todt elaborated on the project impact through the disbursement of the funds, including:

•    Following the activities of the three-country UNICEF project, the Paraguay Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning has issued a memorandum to ensure that all future urban development projects are based on child rights;
•    In Ethiopia, the UN-Habitat project team supported the development of the Addis Ababa Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) Strategy, which was launched on 3 June 2020 by Ethiopia’s Minister of Transport;
•    The speed management project in the Philippines implemented by UNESCAP has organized speed management training sessions for more than 150 enforcers in 2019 and has designed a speed enforcement package, which will continue to be rolled out beyond the end of the project.

In conclusion, the Special Envoy congratulated on the commendable pace of progress under the Fund – four meetings of the Steering Committee, 10 new projects in 12 countries, 2 new donors and new pledges from 2 existing donors, new communications products and material, among others.