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Recommendation No.44: Cross-Border Facilitation Measures for Disaster Relief (ECE/TRADE/461)

UN/CEFACT Recommendation No. 44: Cross-Border Facilitation Measures for Disaster Relief

This high-level policy recommendation advocates to governments the importance of building national capacity and capability to cope with a large influx of humanitarian relief. The sudden onset of a disaster often results in relief providers and national administrations being unclear about importation requirements and procedures for needed relief items. These items may include lifesaving relief goods for distribution to households and communities impacted by the disaster as well as specialty cargo such as medicines and medical equipment, telecommunications equipment and search and rescue animals and equipment. This uncertainty can add undue pressure to an already difficult post-disaster situation, leading to delays in getting relief goods and services to disaster affected people.

This Recommendation 44 (ECE/TRADE/461) is also available in French and Russian for download.