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41st UN/CEFACT Forum: BRS workshop on trusted product conformity – towards digitally traceable quality, safety, social, environmental data for products

Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrifood Domain & Trade Procedures Facilitation Domain

03 October 2023 12:45 - 15:30
UNESCAP Bangkok Thailand
Supply Chain and Procurement Domain: Workshop on Business Requirement Specification (BRS): Trusted Product Conformity – Towards Digitally Traceable Quality, Safety, Social, Environmental Data for Products


Claims made about products such as quality, origin, safety, environmental and social impacts are becoming ubiquitous in modern supply chains. But they need to be verifiable and trusted. Digitally traceable product data presents opportunities for adding trust on products claims in supply chains.

This session will highlight the recently published White Paper on Digital Product Conformity Certificate, describe progress to date on a new Business Requirements Specification and to explore specific content areas relating to Textiles and Building Product supply use cases. The digitalization of conformity certification exchange provides possibilities for accessing, at its source, conformity data that has been digitally linked to both physical product supply and to the issuing body’s credentials.

12:45 - 13:00

Welcome and Introduction by Domain Coordinators

13:00 - 13:40

Project Launch Presentation

Digitalising Product Conformity Certificate Exchange
The exchange of conformity assessment attestations between supply chain actors remains based on paper/PDF. The recently published UN/CEFACT White Paper showed a lack of agreement on processes, semantics and legal framework needed for transition to digital attestation exchange. This session will present the project to prepare a functional architecture for digital product conformity certificate exchange.


  • Brett Hyland, Project Lead, UN/CEFACT
  • Gerhard Heemskerk, Expert, UN/CEFACT
  • Steve Capell, Managing Director of GoSource Pty Ltd and Project Lead, UN/CEFACT

13:40 - 15:30

BRS content discussion on the parameters of the project, including:

  • Ensuring we do justice to the ‘separate universes’ represented by the use cases
  • Priorities in defining the functional architecture
  • Working list of vocabulary to be defined
  • Achieving access to attestations for different levels of digital maturity

Planning next steps and meeting cycles for the BRS development


51718 _ Some thoughts on navigating complexity _ 383955 _ English _ 773 _ 395335 _ pdf