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40th UN/CEFACT Forum: Open Travel and Tourism

Creating Digital Ecosystem to Transform Tourism through Experience and Sustainability

08 May 2023 14:00 - 17:30
Hybrid, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

The Travel and Tourism Domain has been concentrating on the standardization activities of Small scale Lodging Houses (SLH) and Destination Travel Information (DTI) Process Projects based on the syntax neutral concept. The major work of the Travel and Tourism Domain includes proposal for API Transformation of EPs Technical Artefacts with Sustainability Claims, which is already approved by the bureau and the Travel Agency and DMC API RDM Project is being proposed for approval soon. Further work of the Travel and Tourism Domain includes new working areas of the Domain, including reservation and information exchange on experience travel programmes, restaurants, travel related data, etc.; study on ensuring the interoperability of existing major information systems created by EDIFACT, XML technologies, etc.; as well as acting as a focal point to facilitate global travel trade.

14:00—14:15 Welcome and Introduction by Domain Coordinator


Tourism post COVID-19
Mr. Sachin Mehta Domain Coordinator

  • Tourism Industry and Travel trends Transformation Post COVID-19
  • Some overview of New Technologies affecting travel business globally


Deliverables of Experience Programs
Mr. Akio Suzuki, SLH Project Lead

  • Deliverables of Experience Programs and Sustainable Tourism Projects and their further Upgrading Efforts
  • Deliverables of Experience Programs Technical Artefacts Project and their upgrading


Deliverables of Business Standards for Sustainable Tourism
Dr. Anthony Chien, Dr. Wanchun Hsiung and Mr. Kazuyoshi Itagaki

  • Deliverables of Business Standards for Sustainable Tourism Project and further upgrading
15:45—16:00 Coffee Break

API Technical Artefacts Project for Back Office Work of Travel Businesses, such as itinerary creation, cost estimation, payment and settlement handling, communicating among travel agents, products suppliers, or DMOs (Destination Management Organizations)
Mr. Tunghua Tai and Dr. Anthony Chien


What sort of contributions will be expected as Travel/Tourism Domain of UN/CEFACT
Mr. Akio Suzuki


Closing remarks
Mr. Sachin Mehta, Domain Coordinator