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6th meeting

Informal Group on Frontal Impact
6th meeting (15 September 2009 - Paris, France)

FI-6-6 - Minutes of 6th meeting of the informal group on frontal impact
English only DOC (180 KB) PDF (74 KB)
FI-6-5 - (VTI) Overview for selecting reference collisions
English only --- PDF (439 KB)
FI-6-4 - (UTAC) Investigation of test severity investigation to solve compatibility problem of modern cars
English only --- PDF (344 KB)
FI-6-3 - (TRL) Development og legislation on frontal impact protection
English only --- PDF (711 KB)
FI-6-2 - (TRL) Provision of information and services on the subject of the tests, procedures and benefits of the requirements for the development of legislation on Frontal Impact Protection - Final report
English only --- PDF (3796 KB)
FI-6-1 - Provisional Agenda of the 6th meeting
English only DOC (38 KB) PDF (6 KB)