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9th meeting

Informal Group on Child Restraints Systems -9th meeting (OICA- Paris, France, 11th March 2009)

CRS-9-11 - Draft minutes of the 9th meeting
English only DOC (662 KB) PDF (389 KB)
CRS-9-10 - Classification synthesis
English only PPT (59 KB) PDF (17 KB)
CRS-9-9 - (TRL) Contribution to the definition of the test seat
English only ---- PDF (1,367 KB)
CRS-9-8 - (First technology) Bench foam definition
English only ---- PDF (855 KB)
CRS-9-7 - (Britax) Summary - Key metrics of existing side impact test methods for CRS
English only XLS (29 KB) PDF (16 KB)
CRS-9-6 - (TUB) Side Impact Test Procedure for Homologation of CRS
English only ---- PDF (840 KB)
CRS-9-5 - (Canada) Side Impact Child Program
English only ---- PDF (1,636 KB)
CRS-9-4 - (TUV Rheinland) Dynamic test - Side Impact
English only ---- PDF (695 KB)
English only ---- PDF (417 KB)
CRS-9-2 - (NHTSA) Child Side Impact Protection – Update
English only ---- PDF (1,290 KB)
CRS-9-1 - Provisional Agenda for the 9th meeting of the Informal Group on Child Restraint Systems
English only DOC (38 KB) PDF (12 KB)