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2nd meeting

Informal Group on Child Restraints Systems - 2nd meeting (Brussels, Belgium, 1st April 2008)

CRS-2-8 - Minutes of 2nd meeting of the Informal Group on Child Restraint System
English only DOC (284 KB) PDF (191 KB)
CRS-2-7 - (TRL) NPACS (New programme for the assessment of child restraints systems) Phase 1 Final Report
English only   PDF (121 KB)
CRS-2-6 - Comparison of child CANDAT anthopometry
English only   PDF (5,108 KB)
CRS-2-5 - Assessing new child dummies and criteria for child occupant protection in frontal impact
English only   PDF (421 KB)
CRS-2-4 - (CANDAT) Data from Child Anthropometry database CANDAT
English only   PDF (12 KB)
CRS-2-3 - (EEVC) EEVC Working Group 18 report child safety - February 2006
English only   PDF (628 KB)
CRS-2-2 - Final terms of reference
English only PPT (21 KB) PDF (32 KB)
CRS-2-1 - Agenda of the second meeting
English only DOC (36 KB) PDF (17 KB)