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Vehicle performance

Safety and environmental performance - new and used vehicles for countries with different levels of development
Cashed cars

The United Nations Member States have different tools in order to impact the performance of their vehicle fleets, when vehicles are new or in use.

New vehicles

WP.29 is the custodian of the 1958 and 1998 Agreements aimed at adopting technical prescription impacting the performance of vehicles (safety, environmental performance, energy consumption, anti theft) when they are produced

Reference documents:

  • Recommended safety systems/regulations for safer vehicles (see slide 4) - Link
  • OICA manifesto informing on the views on the automotive industry on needed lead times for implementing relevant technical prescription - Link

Vehicle in use

WP.29 is the custodian of the 1958, 1998 and 1997 Agreements affecting the performance of vehicles, new or in use.

  • Some UN Regulations and UN GTRs adopted under the 1958 and 1998 Agreements impose in service or lifecycle requirements.
  • The UN Rules adopted under the 1997 Agreement contain the ideal assessment tools for vehicles in use.

WP.29 activities for the performance of vehicles new and in use

  • WP.29 is developing the framework document on vehicle whole-life compliance - Link 
  • WP.29 agreed with the establishment of the Informal Working Group on Safer and Cleaner New and Used Vehicles

Other related activities

UNEP, together with UNECE, CITA and FIA initiated a project "Safer and clear vehicles for Africa" funded by the UNRSF, see more details here.
UNECE, according to the project description, is committed to elaborate and establish a list of minimum requirements for used vehicles for Africa.

UNECE contributions:

  • 1st exporters meeting - Geneva (online) on 18 December 2020 - Link (UNEP)
  • 2nd exporter meeting - Geneva (online) on 22 February 2021 - Link (UNEP)
  • 1st African used vehicles importers meetings - 25 June 2021 - Link (UNEP)
  • ECOWAS training on inspection framework for used vehicles - Link (UNEP)