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Text of the 1997 Agreement

1997 Agreement (Periodic Technical Inspections)

Agreement Concerning the Adoption of Uniform Conditions for Periodical Technical Inspections of Wheeled Vehicles and the Reciprocal Recognition of Such Inspections


(Done at Vienna on 13 November 1997)

Amendment 3 - in force
ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2020/38 Consolidation endorsed by WP.29/AC.4 at its March 2020 session
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[ECE/TCTE/CONF/4/Amend.3 (Final document in preparation)]
Former versions:
Amendment 2
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Amendment 1
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ECE/RCTE/CONF/4 - Economic Commission for Europe Regional Conference on Transport and the Environment:
(Adopted during the ECE Regional Conference on Transport and the Environment)
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