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3rd meeting

Informal Group on gtr N°7 (Head restraints) - 3rd meeting
(Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, 17 May 2010)

GTR7-03-05 - GTR-7 IWG Meeting 3 - Summary of Decisions and Actions
English PPT (173 KB) PDF (76 KB)
GTR7-03-04 - 3rd Meeting of the IWG GTR No. 7- Draft Status Report of the bioRID TEG
English PPT (42 KB) PDF (17 KB)
GTR7-03-03 - (Japan) Repeatability and Reproducibility study with new Bio RID II calibration method
English --- PDF (3.10 MB)
GTR7-03-02 - Bio RID II Smaller Design Torso Angle seat seating trial
English --- PDF (1.21 MB)
GTR7-03-01/Rev.1 - Minutes of the meeting
English --- PDF (56 KB)