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32nd session

Informal Documents 32nd session of GRSP (10 - 13 December 2002)

Review of OICA comments on ES-2 Dummy (EECV)
English - - - - - - PDF(916Kb)
ES-2 Presentation (EECV) - Presentation of ES-2 dummy
English - - - - - - PDF(1,347Kb)
Israel Presentation (Text and presentation) Injuries to children in forward facing child restraint
English text PDF(235Kb)
English presentation PDF(186Kb)
WorldSID Update (WorldSID Task Group and Design Team)
English - - - - - - PDF(356Kb)
OICA Presentation (PowerPoint Presentation) OICA presentation to the 32 GRSP regarding evaluation of ES-2
English PPT(1,052Kb)
IHRA Presentation (PowerPoint Presentation) IHRA Side Impact Working Group Status Report
English PPT(337Kb)
Informal Document No. 22 (France, Germany, UK) Proposal for ISOFIX dynamic test
English DOC(22Kb) PDF(66Kb)
Informal Document No. 22/Rev.1
English DOC(24Kb) PDF(91Kb)
Informal Document No. 21 (CLEPA) Amendments to document DOC TRANS/WP29/GRSP/2001/16/Rev.2
English DOC(19Kb) PDF(44Kb)
Informal Document No. 20 (France, OICA) Amendments to informal document No. 8
English DOC(21Kb) PDF(46Kb)
Informal Document No. 19 (Czech Republic) Position to the draft amendment to Regulation No. 29 Rev.1
English DOC(24Kb) PDF(79Kb)
Informal Document No. 18 (Czech Republic) Proposal for a draft corrigendum to TRANS/WP.29/881 on the draft Regulation on replacement airbag systems
English DOC(21Kb) PDF(71Kb)
Informal Document No. 17 (Czech Republic) Draft amendments to Regulation No. 17
English DOC(125Kb) PDF(144Kb)
Informal Document No. 16 (Germany) Proposal for draft 03 series of amendments to Regulation No. 29
English DOC(205Kb) PDF(92Kb)
Informal Document No. 15 (Japan) Comparison of vehicle categories under Japanese regulations with ECE (Additional information for TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2001/16 and TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2001/17)
English - - - - - - PDF(38Kb)
Informal Document No. 14 (Germany) Proposal for draft amendments to Regulation No. 44
English - - - - - - PDF(27Kb)
Informal Document No. 13 (Germany) Proposals for draft amendments to Regulations Nos. 14, 16, 44 (ISOFIX)
English DOC(33Kb) PDF(69Kb)
Informal Document No. 12 (OICA) OICA proposal for draft amendment to ECE R14
English DOC(79Kb) PDF(110Kb)
Informal Document No. 11 (CLEPA) Proposal for revision to the specifications to the child restraint envelopes as specified in TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2001/15/Rev.2 and the relevant cross references in TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2001/16/Rev.2
English DOC(396Kb) PDF(265Kb)
Informal Document No. 10 (CLEPA) CLEPA proposal for text for new paragraph 4.9 to replace that as proposed in TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2001/16/Rev.2
English DOC(151Kb) PDF(111Kb)
Informal Document No. 10/Rev.1
English DOC(208Kb) PDF(135Kb)
Informal Document No. 10/Rev.2
English DOC(248Kb) PDF(151Kb)
Informal Document No. 9 (OICA) ECE Regulation No. 29 Cabs of commercial vehicles
English DOC(48Kb) PDF(95Kb)
Informal Document No. 8 (OICA) ISOFIX - amendments to Regulation No. 14
English DOC(114Kb) PDF(211Kb)
Informal Document No. 7 (Chairman) Report of the first meeting on the informal group on pedestrian safety
English DOC(42Kb) PDF(96Kb)
Informal Document No. 6 (OICA) ISOFIX - amendments to Regulation No. 44
English DOC(44Kb) PDF(83Kb)
Informal Document No. 5 (Japan) Establishment of regulation for pedestrian safety in Japan
English - Part 1 DOC(37Kb) Part 1, 2 and 3PDF(256Kb)
English - Part 2
English - Part 3
Informal Document No. 4 (Australia) Amendments to the specification of the SAE J826 3-D H-point machine
English DOC(25Kb) PDF(50Kb)
Informal Document No. 3 (Australia): Front seatbelt assemblies mounted on rearward hinged rear doors
English DOC(24Kb) PDF(59Kb)
Informal Document No. 2 (Germany): Proposal for draft amendments to Regulation No. 44
English DOC(22Kb) PDF(37Kb)
Informal Document No. 1 (Germany): Proposal for draft amendments to Regulation No. 44
English DOC(22Kb) PDF(78Kb)