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Regional Adviser - Transport

Mr. Nenad Nikolic

Prior to joining UNECE in 2014, Mr. Nikolic was General Manager and Transport Planning Manager at the South-East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO), and Head of Unit at the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Serbia.  For much of his career, Mr. Nikolic work has focused on the development of efficient multimodal regional transport networks, transport connectivity and the improvement of road safety. Currently, he is involved in regional infrastructure projects (TEM, TER), regional transport and border crossing facilitation cooperation (SPECA) and road safety development projects, as well as providing a broad range of technical assistance and advisory services.

He graduated from the Transport and Traffic Engineering Faculty, and is now finalizing his PhD studies in Road Safety at the University of Belgrade. Mr. Nikolic has published more than 40 papers in various areas of transport planning, road safety and intelligent transport systems. Find out more here.

For more information, email: [email protected]


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UNECE technical assistance in the field of transport aims to improve national capacity, particularly those countries with economies in transition, to accede to and implement of ECE legal instruments, norms and standards as well as in promoting cooperation among countries in planning and developing coherent road, rail, inland waterway and combined transport infrastructure. 

In particular, our services are focused on: (a) providing advisory services, strategic guidance and administrative backstopping of technical cooperation projects for countries with economies in transition to develop coherent pan-European transport networks, corridors and areas, and Euro-Asian transport links; (b) capacity-building projects, workshops, and training to assist countries to accede to and implement UNECE legal instruments, norms and standards; (c) transferring know-how and sharing best practices on implementing global commitments on transport; and (d) providing support to transport initiatives and projects carried out by subregional groupings.

Technical cooperation activities in this field are linked to UNECE's normative work, limited to those particular areas where UNECE has recognized expertise, and aim at ensuring effective and efficient responses to the needs of UNECE member States. The work is focused mainly on the countries with economies in transition of  Southeast and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Most of the activities are developed and implemented in cooperation with other international or regional organizations. 


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