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Strategic communication is a relatively new concept for most statistical organizations, which have traditionally focused their efforts and resources on dissemination practices and systems. A strategic communication function can guide the development and implementation of a communication strategy. This has particular relevance for the world of official statistics, where communication and
Metadata are data that define or describe other data. Metadata are essential for interpreting data and making meaningful comparisons over time and between countries. This is particularly so for reporting on Millennium Development Goal (MDG) indicators, which often have multiple data sources and typically attract a wide audience of users who may have limited background in interpreting statistics
Making Data Meaningful Part 3 - A guide to communicating with the media. Available in English (475 KB).
Making Data Meaningful Part 2 - A guide to presenting statistics. Available in English (1.9 MB), Russian (2.4 MB), Spanish (1.3 MB) - Spanish translation kindly provided by the Instituto Nacional de
Making Data Meaningful Part 1 - A guide to writing stories about numbers. Available in English (1.6 MB), Russian (1.8 MB), Spanish (301 KB
Common Metadata FrameworkCommon Metadata Framework Part A - Statistical Metadata in a Corporate Context: A guide for managers, available in English (0.9 MB) and Russian (4.7 MB) (2009)