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Policy Seminar on Quality in Long-term Care

UNECE Policy Seminar on Ageing

23 November 2022
Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland


Population ageing and growing longevity have been continuously increasing the demand for long-term care and for skilled care professionals in the UNECE region. To prepare for this surge in demand, long-term care services need to be continually expanded and adjusted, while ensuring access for all and maintaining high quality.

The policy seminar, attended by 44 individuals from 19 different member States, provided a space for discussion and experience exchange on the topic of quality long-term care between members of the Standing Working Group on Ageing and other stakeholders.The discussions focused on the main determinants of quality in long-term care, the key challenges associated with them, along with specific mechanisms and tools for ensuring quality.

A background paper prepared for the seminar includes specific policy examples from UNECE member States aimed at improving quality in long-term care.


English and Russian interpretation was provided.


Agenda and Concept note

35838 _ Policy-Seminar-Long-term-care-Agenda-2022 _ 373032 _ English _ 773 _ 368098 _ pdf
35838 _ Policy-Seminar-Long-term-care-Concept-note-2022 _ 373033 _ English _ 773 _ 368015 _ pdf

Background Paper

37789 _ Background Paper _ 374696 _ English _ 773 _ 371289 _ pdf