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THE PEP Partnerships

THE PEP Partnerships

Member States in the UNECE/WHO European Region established the Transport, Health and Environment Pan European Programme (THE PEP) in 2002. By providing an intersectoral and intergovernmental policy framework, THE PEP promotes mobility and transport strategies that integrate environmental and health concerns.

Over the years, THE PEP has led to the development of implementation mechanisms to support the work of member States. One of those mechanisms is a set of THE PEP Partnerships. THE PEP Partnerships provide a means by which member States and other stakeholders can work together in greater depth on specific issues and develop tools, methods and other resources to support policy implementation.

This publication takes stock of the work done by the Partnerships and the results achieved. It provides a clear basis for discussion on their future during the Fifth High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment, being held in Vienna from 22–24 October 2019.