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Partnership on Jobs in Green and Healthy Transport

Not only do policies supporting public and healthy transport have an effect on the environment and health, but they can also have a positive impact on job creation.

Jobs can be created in public transport, cycling, and walking, but also in areas that could make transport greener, safer, healthier, and more efficient. These include a wide range of jobs in the design, production, and servicing of energy-efficient vehicles and in mobility management. Jobs in green and healthy transport could make an important contribution to the green economy because of their environmental, social, and economic benefits. This contribution would be of even greater importance in urban areas, where modes such as public transport, cycling, and walking have the greatest potential.

Following THE PEP High-level Meeting in Amsterdam (2009) and THE PEP 2010 Symposium on green and health-friendly investments and jobs in transport, the PEP Steering Committee has launched the Partnership on Jobs in Green and Healthy Transport in 2011.

Objective and scope

The purpose of this Partnership is to bring together interested member States, experts, and policymakers from the transport, environment, and health sectors and develop a set of actions and joint projects aiming at:

  • Stimulating a debate on and a shared understanding of what is a green and healthy job in transport
  • Documenting existing experiences in the region and other parts of the world of new policies and approaches for creating green and healthy jobs in transport, with a particular focus on active mobility
  • Analyzing the potential of greening existing jobs and creating new job profiles in active mobility and assessing the qualitative and quantitative impact that such approaches have on the environment, health, transport, and the economy
  • Sharing good practices and disseminating experiences, policies, and approaches
  • Developing strategies and actions for stakeholders to promote green jobs in transport. 

Partners and target groups

The Partnership aims at informing member States, experts, and policymakers from the economic, transport environment, and health sectors.

The Partnership benefitted from the participation of the following member States and international organizations:

  • Austrian Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism
  • French Ministry for an Ecological and Inclusive Transition
  • OECD
  • International Labour Organization
  • UNEP
  • European Environment Agency
  • The New Economics Foundation.

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