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Building forward better by transforming to new, clean, safe, healthy and inclusive mobility and transport

Building forward better

Way forward
The Vienna Declaration details the priorities and focus of future work for THE PEP on the journey to the Sixth High-level Meeting in Moscow in 2025. Member States will further strengthen the commitment to work together to fulfil the new vision of THE PEP: “clean, safe, healthy and inclusive mobility and transport for happiness and prosperity for all”. Among other activities THE PEP will work on: 

• a comprehensive pan-European strategy on transport, health and environment for transforming mobility towards zero emissions, ensuring health-promoting active mobility, and building safe and efficient transport (also including legal options) in the decade to come;
• increasing cycling and walking in every country, ensuring cyclist and pedestrian safety, and including active mobility in health policies, as proposed in the Pan-European Master Plan for Cycling Promotion;
• intensifying cooperation to implement THE PEP and promote joint action among Member States and international organizations within THE PEP Partnerships, THE PEP Relay Race and THE PEP
• addressing inequalities related to transport and urban sprawl, driving forward inclusive and equitable transport systems across the pan-European region;
• a communication strategy to raise awareness of opportunities for and benefits of sustainable and healthy transport and to disseminate the results of THE PEP.

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