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Mongolia acceeding to the TIR Convention

The Secretary General of the United Nations, in his capacity as depositary, has informed that Mongolia has acceded to the Convention on the International Transport of Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets (TIR Convention, 1975) on 1 October 2002. The TIR Convention will enter into force for Mongolia on 1 April 2003 ((Depositary Notification C.N.1063.2002.TREATIES-1)
The International Road Transport Union (IRU) is in the process of authorizing the National Road Transport Association in Mongolia (NARTAM) as an issuing association and the process of authorizing NARTAM as a guaranteeing association vis-a-vis the Mongolian Customs authorities is underway as well according to information provided by the IRU. Subsequently, if the authorization process is not delayed, it can be expected that the TIR procedure can be used in Mongolia as from June 2003 according to the IRU.