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Mistakes in the filling-in of TIR Carnets

14 January 2008
The TIR Executive Board and TIR secretariat have been informed of recurring mistakes in the filling-in and treatment of TIR Carnets at Customs offices of departure in various countries, in particular:
- acceptance of expired and, thus, invalid TIR Carnets;
- use of exporter's seals instead of Customs seals;
- acceptance of TIR Carnets with missing data on the cover page, such as the country(ies) of departure/destination or the number of the certificate of approval;
- acceptance of TIR Carnets for the transport of tobacco products, currently excluded from the TIR procedure;
- putting a Customs stamp in box 16 on the vouchers of a TIR Carnet, instead of box 17 designed for that purpose.
Customs Administrations are requested to draw the attention of their officials to such facts and to provide training, if required. Customs authorities are also invited to forward copies of any incorrectly filled-in TIR Carnet, if found, to the TIR secretariat:
8-14, Avenue de Paix
CH-1211 Geneva 10
Email address: [email protected]