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Download Documents for Joint OECD-UNECE Seminar on the Implementation of the SEEA

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SEEA_Sem_2023_Programme_v10032023.pdf SEEA_Sem_2023_Programme_v10032023.pdf (application/pdf, 339.76 KB) English Provisional Programme
8th_SEEA_Seminar_concept_note_final_KO_0.pdf 8th_SEEA_Seminar_concept_note_final_KO_0.pdf (application/pdf, 269.4 KB) English Concept note
14_Add.13_Report Seminar SEEA 2023.pdf 14_Add.13_Report Seminar SEEA 2023.pdf (application/pdf, 213.23 KB) English Report of the Seminar
S2_1_UNCEEA_OECD presentation_2023_v3.pdf S2_1_UNCEEA_OECD presentation_2023_v3.pdf (application/pdf, 371.69 KB) English Update on the UNCEEA and Global SEEA Implementation - UNSD and OECD
S2_7_Tourism_Laimer_0.pdf S2_7_Tourism_Laimer_0.pdf (application/pdf, 2.04 MB) English Measuring the Sustainability of Tourism (MST) - UNWTO
S1_5_CBD COP5_OECD-UNECE-Teller.pdf S1_5_CBD COP5_OECD-UNECE-Teller.pdf (application/pdf, 2.97 MB) English Convention on Biodiversity 15th Conference of Parties
S2_3_Updates from Eurostat.pdf S2_3_Updates from Eurostat.pdf (application/pdf, 130.7 KB) English Updates from Eurostat
S2_6_IMF_DGI.pdf S2_6_IMF_DGI.pdf (application/pdf, 1.16 MB) English G20 Data Gaps Initiative - People Planet Economy - IMF
S2_4__UNEP updates_Ekaterina Poleshchuk.pdf S2_4__UNEP updates_Ekaterina Poleshchuk.pdf (application/pdf, 1.62 MB) English SEEA related activities: updates from UNEP
S2_8_ESA V2.pdf S2_8_ESA V2.pdf (application/pdf, 10.61 MB) English Importance of Earth Observation for effective SEEA implementation - ESA
S2_9_DGI.pdf S2_9_DGI.pdf (application/pdf, 1.16 MB) English G20 Data Gaps Initiative - IMF
S3_5_Santana-Greening the HS v1.0.pdf S3_5_Santana-Greening the HS v1.0.pdf (application/pdf, 1.57 MB) English Greening the HS: What are the limits and the alternatives - WTO
S3_2_CE_Guidelines_SEEA_Sem2023-ML_update.pdf S3_2_CE_Guidelines_SEEA_Sem2023-ML_update.pdf (application/pdf, 891.19 KB) English Draft UNECE/OECD Guidelines for measuring Circular Economy - OECD
S3_1_Circular economy in international trade_E.Türk.pdf S3_1_Circular economy in international trade_E.Türk.pdf (application/pdf, 3.14 MB) English Circular Economy applied in international trade, which official statistics do we need? - UNECE
S3_3_Update on revised EU monitoring framework CE.pdf S3_3_Update on revised EU monitoring framework CE.pdf (application/pdf, 1.2 MB) English Update on revised EU monitoring framework circular economy - Eurostat
S3_8_UNITAR_FutuRaM_SEEA_v1.pdf S3_8_UNITAR_FutuRaM_SEEA_v1.pdf (application/pdf, 2.05 MB) English The role of the SEEA in the FutuRam project - UNITAR
S3_7_SCB-UNECE-20230313.pdf S3_7_SCB-UNECE-20230313.pdf (application/pdf, 881.88 KB) English Circular economy and material footprint indicators for Sweden
S3_6_Decomposition analysis NL.pdf S3_6_Decomposition analysis NL.pdf (application/pdf, 492.31 KB) English Decomposition analysis in the Netherlands: material use related to climate change - Netherlands
S4_1_SEEA-EA_Colombia.pdf S4_1_SEEA-EA_Colombia.pdf (application/pdf, 5.84 MB) English Accounting of marine and coastal ecosystems at the Ramsar Site - Colombia
S4_2_Ecosystem_Accounting_GER_for_publication.pdf S4_2_Ecosystem_Accounting_GER_for_publication.pdf (application/pdf, 899.09 KB) English Ecosystem Accounting in Germany - Current State and Challenges - Germany
S4_3_SEEA-EA implementation in Spain.pdf S4_3_SEEA-EA implementation in Spain.pdf (application/pdf, 6.06 MB) English SEEA-EA implementation in Spain
S4_Ecosystem accounts__Estonia_13_15_03.pdf S4_Ecosystem accounts__Estonia_13_15_03.pdf (application/pdf, 3.31 MB) English Ecosystem accounts in Estonia (progress so far)
S4_6_ENCA_JLWeber.pdf S4_6_ENCA_JLWeber.pdf (application/pdf, 5.36 MB) English Outcomes of projects of implementation of ecosystem natural capital accounts in Africa and the Guiana Shield - Independent Consultant
S4_7_FAO_Landcover.pdf S4_7_FAO_Landcover.pdf (application/pdf, 1.42 MB) English Land Cover Global Data Collection - FAO
S5_1_Forest_Accounts_FSM.pdf S5_1_Forest_Accounts_FSM.pdf (application/pdf, 2.83 MB) English Setting the scene for forest accounts - University Rey Juan Carlos
S5_2_Forest_ecosystem_accounts_Australia.pdf S5_2_Forest_ecosystem_accounts_Australia.pdf (application/pdf, 7.47 MB) English Forest ecosystem accounts in Australia
S5_3_Forest_Accounts_DeLamo_pdfupdate.pdf S5_3_Forest_Accounts_DeLamo_pdfupdate.pdf (application/pdf, 5.63 MB) English Implementing international frameworks for environmental & economic accounting for forests - FAO
S5_4_Forest accounts - update from Eurostat.pdf S5_4_Forest accounts - update from Eurostat.pdf (application/pdf, 328.42 KB) English Forest accounts - updates from Eurostat
S5_5_Forest Account Finland 2023 03 14.pdf S5_5_Forest Account Finland 2023 03 14.pdf (application/pdf, 1.95 MB) English Implementation of European Forest Accounts and links with SEEA-EA - Finland
S5_6_Forest-Account-FR_update.pdf S5_6_Forest-Account-FR_update.pdf (application/pdf, 2.72 MB) English Forest accounts in France
S6_2_US_Strategy.pdf S6_2_US_Strategy.pdf (application/pdf, 1.51 MB) English National strategy to develop statistics for environmental-economic decisions - Overview & Recommendations - USA
S6_3_FIN SEEA implementation_v2.pdf S6_3_FIN SEEA implementation_v2.pdf (application/pdf, 2.51 MB) English SEEA implementation in Finland
S7_1_Eurostat_Methodology_EnvTAx_and_Subsidies.pdf S7_1_Eurostat_Methodology_EnvTAx_and_Subsidies.pdf (application/pdf, 439.5 KB) English Methodology for Environmental Taxes & Subsidies accounts - Eurostat
S7_2_UNEP_Potdevin.pdf S7_2_UNEP_Potdevin.pdf (application/pdf, 807.79 KB) English Environmental taxes and subsidies, including harmful subsidies - UNEP
S7_3-Fossil fuel measurement-OECD-no notes.pdf S7_3-Fossil fuel measurement-OECD-no notes.pdf (application/pdf, 987.85 KB) English Guidance on measuring fossil fuel support - updates on OECD work
S7_4_Canada.pdf S7_4_Canada.pdf (application/pdf, 921.58 KB) English Environmental Tax Account, 2010-2018 - Canada
S7_5_FFS_ECR_Sweden.pdf S7_5_FFS_ECR_Sweden.pdf (application/pdf, 1.08 MB) English Fossil fuel subsidies and ECR-calculations in Sweden
S7_6_FFS - Luxembourg experience.pdf S7_6_FFS - Luxembourg experience.pdf (application/pdf, 463.01 KB) English Measuring Luxembourg's support for fossil fuels - Luxembourg
S8_2_CSO Ireland Decoupling.pdf S8_2_CSO Ireland Decoupling.pdf (application/pdf, 332.25 KB) English Decoupling Emissions from Economic Activity - Ireland
S8_3_Sweden.pdf S8_3_Sweden.pdf (application/pdf, 366.13 KB) English Developing statistics to measure the climate change impacts of a country's exports - Sweden
S8_1_OECD_Integration_Update_0.pdf S8_1_OECD_Integration_Update_0.pdf (application/pdf, 392.85 KB) English Integration of accounts for analytical purposes - OECD
S8_4_NL_Carbon account_0.pdf S8_4_NL_Carbon account_0.pdf (application/pdf, 1.04 MB) English The carbon account of the Netherlands
S9_1_OECD-Eurostat_Water_0.pdf S9_1_OECD-Eurostat_Water_0.pdf (application/pdf, 484.95 KB) English The joint OECD/Eurostat Questionnaire and international data collection on water
S9_2_EU4ENV.pdf S9_2_EU4ENV.pdf (application/pdf, 884.53 KB) English Introduction and further support of water accounts in EU Eastern partner countries - EU4Environment
S9_3_Water Accounts - NL 2023.pdf S9_3_Water Accounts - NL 2023.pdf (application/pdf, 934.3 KB) English Water accounts in the Netherlands
S9_4_Armenia_NM_Rev.1.pdf S9_4_Armenia_NM_Rev.1.pdf (application/pdf, 1.38 MB) English Indicators related to water accounts in the context of communication and awareness raising - Armenia
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