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UNECE Countries in Figures 2007

UNECE Countries in Figures 2007

New figures now available in UNECE Countries in Figures 2009

UNECE Countries in Figures provides a one-page profile of social and economic indicators for each of the 56 UNECE member countries.

These profiles, prepared by the UNECE Statistical Division, will be of interest to readers not necessarily familiar with statistical terminology or with interpreting statistical tables.
Each profile contains:

  • General information
    including country capital and largest cities, time zone, official language(s), map, currency

  • Population pyramid
    a graphical representation of the population according to gender and age group

  • Gender statistics
    including women in labour force, gender pay gap, women's participation in decision making, fertility rate

  • Employment and unemployment

  • Economic statistics
    including gross domestic product (GDP), final consumption expenditure, purchasing power parity, gross external debt, average exchange rate, and consumer price index

Country profiles can be downloaded in PDF format

Select a country from the drop down menu:

UNECE Member Countries

Territories of UNECE Member Countries within the UNECE geographical region

UNECE Countries in Figures can be purchased via the United Nations Publications Sales and Marketing network, and the UN bookshops in New York and Geneva.

Further information

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UNECE Statistical Database

Internationally comparable data for Europe, Central Asia and North America

This publication is an example of the information available through the UNECE Statistical Division on-line database. The database includes internationally comparable statistics and is continually updated by statistical experts.

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