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Holders are now recommended to indicate HS codes on TIR Carnets

1 May 2008
According to a recommendation adopted recently by the TIR Administrative Committee, TIR Carnet holders are advised, as of 1 May 2008, to indicate the HS code of the goods in box 10 of the yellow voucher not for Customs use, in addition to a plain language description of the goods. This measure pursues the double objective of improving risk management by Customs and of facilitating international transport of goods. The so-called HS code is a 6-digit commodity code in accordance with the International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System concluded under the auspices of the World Customs Organization. It should be stressed that, according to the recommendation, the absence of the HS code in the TIR Carnet shall not lead to delays during a TIR transport and shall not be an obstacle to the acceptance of TIR Carnets. Neither the absence of the HS code shall be considered as an infringement. The TIR Administrative Committee will review the application of the recommendation in 12 months. Its full text can be found under ECE-TRANS-WP30-AC2-93e.pdf, annex II.