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Design of national COVID-19 response and recovery policy in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Policy design for Covid-19 recovery_Kyrgyzstan

This report contributes to the development of COVID-19 recovery efforts and economic and social strategy and priority actions in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, based on the gender-sensitive approach and the strengthening of the care economy strategies in the post-pandemic recovery period. It  represents an overview of the main policy areas of the development and implementation of public post-pandemic recovery policies through the gender lens and from the perspective of the care economy development factors. It also presents key recommendations for integrating the care economy and gender approach into the state programs on the country's social and economic development. It will accelerate the country's recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure an appropriate, rapid response to current and future challenges related to the situation of the most vulnerable groups. The key recommendations also address the ongoing process of legislation improvement and designing the country's public policy on the social and economic development until 2026, given recent effects on the state, region, and global levels.


Also available in Russian.