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Application of the TIR system after the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union

9 January 2007
On 1 January 2007, Bulgaria and Romania have joined the European Union and its Community transit system. As a consequence of the creation of a single Customs territory, the TIR system is no longer applicable for international transports between these two countries and with the other twenty-five EU member states.
However, TIR Carnets can still be used for transports:
- which either begin or end outside the EU,
- for transports between two points in the EU which involve the transiting of the territory of a third country and
- in case consignments, destined to be unloaded in the Customs territory of the EU, are conveyed together with goods to be unloaded in a third country.
In case the enlargement gives rise to any questions, you may wish to contact the UNECE TIR secretariat.