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22 and 23 April 2002, TIR Contact Group, 7th session, Athens (Greece)

The seventh session of the TIR Contact Group will be held in Athens (Greece) on 22 and 23 April 2002 at the invitation of the Government of Greece.
The TIR Contact Group will discuss, in particular, all aspects related to the application of the revised provisions of the TIR Convention which will come into force on 12 May 2002 as Phase II of the TIR revision process. In order to prepare for a seamless introduction of the revised provisions contained in Phase II of the TIR revision process, it is expected that representatives of competent authorities of all Contracting Parties utilizing the TIR system, representatives of all national TIR issuing and guaranteeing associations, the IRU as well as other concerned industry groups will participate in the session of the TIR Contact Group.
The convocation for the meeting, the preliminary programme as well as the participation form, hotel reservation form and other information can be down loaded from the links below.
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