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Update for delegates/participants in the October 2020 session of WP.30 and AC.2

29 September 2020
The secretariat wishes to inform you that the October 2020 sessions of WP.30 and AC.2 will be organized as follows:
 - Tuesday 13 October morning: 155th session of the Working Party on Customs Questions affecting Transport (WP.30) Webex meeting, English only, 10.00-13.00 hours, also in-person in meeting room TPS 3.
  - Tuesday 13 October afternoon (14.30-17.30) and Wednesday 14 October (10.00-13.00 + 14.30-17.30) seventy-third session of the   Administrative Committee for the TIR Convention, 1975 (AC.2): Webex meeting, English only, and in-person in meeting room TPS 3.
 - The purpose of the Webex meetings is to consider the agendas and documents, in preparation of the adoption of a list of decisions on Thursday 15 October.
 - 15 October morning, 10.00-12.00 hours, hybrid session of WP.30 with interpretation, also in-person in meeting room TPS 2.
 - 15 October afternoon, 14.00-16.00 hours, hybrid session of AC.2 with interpretation, also in-person in meeting room TPS 2.
Participants are required to register in the ECE contact database, in order to get access to the sessions.
Participants wishing to attend the session in-person, must register in Indico.UN.
However, please note that such participants:
  • MUST register to events on Indico.UN without exception (even those who hold UNOG ground entry passes).

  • MUST provide their mobile phone number on the registration form.  The number is "required for contact tracing purposes".

  • Should not attend the meeting in-person if they display any flu- or cold-like symptoms or if they are still awaiting COVID PCR test results. Participants MUST inform the secretariat if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days after their last presence at the meeting. They should also inform the secretariat or UNOG Security if they begin to display cold- or flu-like symptoms while at the premises.

  • MUST respect all safety measures (i.e. not to come to the meeting in-person or the Palais des Nations if they feel sick, that the wearing of masks in and around conference rooms is required, physical distancing is being exercised, and inform the secretariat of UNOG Security in the case of developing COVID-19 during or following the meeting – see previous point).

  • If a participant at one of the events is confirmed as a COVID-19 case, the UNOG Safety and Security Service Chief will provide a list of participants who were present at the meeting to the Medical Service.  The Medical Service will assume responsibility for contact tracing.