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Mission to Vienna, Austria, 20-22 September 2022

Austria: A high-income country with a population of 8.88 million. According to WHO (2018), Austria has the 9th lowest rate in the European Union (38 deaths per million population). Austria has to acceded 5 out of 7 UN road safety legal instruments.

The Special Envoy travelled to the country to participate in an interview at the Green Peak Festival Mobility Session. On its margins, the Special Envoy also recorded a podcast for Greiner Talks, on safe mobility.


Furthermore, the Special Envoy met with the following officials towards advocating for safer roads in the country:
•    H.E. Mr. Martin Polaschek, Minister of Education, Science and Research;
•    H.E. Mr. Gilles Pécout, Ambassador of France;
•    Mr. Michael Takacs, Director of the Federal Police Directorate (FPD) and Mr. Siegfried Gundel, Head of the Policy Matters Department, FPD;
•    Mr. Andreas Ottenschläger, Member of the National Council, Traffic Spokesperson, Ms. Carmen Jeitler-Cincelli, Member of the National Council, SDG Spokesperson, and Mr. Christoph Zarits, Member of the National Council, Sports Spokesperson;
•    Delegation from the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology;
•    Ms. Ghada Fathi Waly, Executive Director, UNOV; 
•    Ms. Monika Froehler, Chief Executive Officer, Ban Ki Moon Centre.