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Matters Arising since the Twenty-Ninth Plenary

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ECE-TRADE-C-CEFACT-2024-03E.pdf (application/pdf, 184.28 KB)
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ECE-TRADE-C-CEFACT-2024-03F.pdf (application/pdf, 242.98 KB)
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ECE-TRADE-C-CEFACT-2024-03R.pdf (application/pdf, 283.23 KB)

The ECE secretariat will report on Matters Arising Since the Twenty-Ninth Plenary and the activities of the ECE Economic Cooperation and Trade Division Regional Adviser. These documents provide a summary of UN/CEFACT activities in the period of 2023-2024, including normative work, policy advice and capacity-building.

The above deliverables are presented to the Plenary for information and delegations will have an opportunity to clarify questions and provide comments on these documents.