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Business Requirements Specifications (BRS) - Documentation Template

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In 2004 the UN/CEFACT Information Contents Group (ICG) introduced the Business Requirements Specification (BRS)(1) and Requirements Specification Mapping (RSM)(2) documentation templates and conformity rules to guide the development of a clear and comprehensive statement of the requirements that a business has for the e-commerce solution for a specific project. Based on version N090R10 of the UN/CEFACT’s Modelling Methodology (UMM(3)), these two documents provided a mechanism for developing and sharing e-business requirements within and between UN/CEFACT Groups in conformance with the UN/CEFACT workflow(4). The BRS expressed these requirements in business terms and the RSM represented them in technical terms aligned to syntax specific solutions.  

Since that time much experience has been gained in using these documents in developing business requirements specifications and in using the evolving UMM to guide this process. The purpose of this document is to reflect this experience and to introduce an updated version of the BRS that also reflects the evolution of the UMM specification itself. Note:-The BRS is intended to be applicable in all Business, Commerce or Government sectors and in this document the term “e-business” is intended to include electronic systems of information exchange in all these sectors.


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