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White Paper on Smart Containers

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This White Paper is part of the UN/CEFACT Transport and Logistics Smart Container Project. The aim of this White Paper is to have a common understanding of Smart Container solutions. The stakeholder(s) of the Smart Container data are identified along with a description of the use cases to explain the potential usage for those data elements of interest. This enables the stakeholders of the logistic chain to reap the maximum benefits from the Smart Container solutions while enabling them to share data and associated costs. This increases their collaboration and resulting efficiency.

The supply chain requirements have changed over the years. Nowadays, supply chain stakeholders place more importance on the need for improved visibility to identify inbound flow of goods to satisfy higher demands and react to the unexpected. Smart devices unlock the potential to provide accurate real-time data as they are permanently fixed to the transport equipment, provide coverage for the whole journey and are not restricted to reaching physical locations to report events.