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White Paper on Data Pipeline Concept for Improving Data Quality in the Supply Chain

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The intention of this paper is to facilitate and encourage the creation of a trusted transboundary environment for the international legally significant exchange of electronic documents and data between public authorities, and natural and/or legal persons. This paper is intended for those parties interested in the establishment, operation and practical usage of such transboundary infrastructures.

The Internet has become a habitual tool and environment for obtaining electronic services for individuals and entities of various states. The advantages of such services are evident, but a number of organizational and legal issues prevent their widespread use in cases where parties require a certain degree of confidence in each other, and in the electronic services they use. One of the main issues is ensuring the legal validity of e-
documents and the legal significance of electronic interaction in general. This problem is urgent on both the national level (within single jurisdictions) and the transboundary level (where interactions occur between participants acting under the jurisdiction of different states).