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Electronic SPS Certificate (e-CERT)

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Guideline-AGRI-eCertGuide.pdf (application/pdf, 967.83 KB)

UN/CEFACT delivered the e-Certificate several years ago. Many countries have implemented this and are successfully exchanging e-Certificates.

In 2018 IPPC introduced a tailor-made e-Cert platform called ePhyto. Two operational instruments have been implemented; a hub and a generic web-based system. The ePhyto hub offers a standardized method for exchanging these certificates.

The situation to date is that both direct (country to country, outside a hub) and indirect interactions (via hub’s) exist. This Implementation Gide describes and gives guidance to implementation which is on the one hand
hub compliant and on the other hand facilitates direct communications.

The aim is to facilitate a standardized implementation in countries which wish to implement e-Certification, independent of the chosen infrastructure. Using the Implementation Guide, governments should be able to implement the UN/CEFACT e-Cert standard.

The solution as described in this Guide can be used with both the ePhyto hub as well as country to country direct exchange. Based on the implementations in use the Implementation Guide shall be based on Webservices Description Language (WSDL), a free open standard.