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Code Management User Guide

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Guideline-CodeManagementUserGuide-v1.pdf (application/pdf, 1.54 MB)

This user guideline describes how to define and apply restrictions and extensions to code lists in UN/EDIFACT messages as well as UN/CEFACT XML messages. In addition, it describes example processes for validating those messages. The process could be done in one-phase, for which message structure and value constraints are validated simultaneously (so-called ‘coupled’) or in two-phases, for which these constraints are validated separately (so-called ‘decoupled’).

Parts in this document are excerpts from the XML Naming and Design Rules (UN/CEFACT XML NDR Rules 2.1), UN/EDIFACT Syntax Implementation Guidelines and OASIS Genericode/CVA. They give guidance on how to apply these rules in a real-life environment. The latest version of the UN/CEFACT XML NDR Rules, version 2.1.1, allows decoupling of selective or all qualified data types from a set of value enumerations.