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TIR Carnet Goods Manifest in English or Persian in order to enter the Islamic Republic of Iran

25 January 2010
The TIR secretariat has been informed that as of 1 February 2010 the Iranian Customs authorities will require that the Goods Manifest either is completed in English or in Persian or, failing that, a translation of the Goods Manifest in English or Persian is provided.
The Iranian Customs authorities refer to the Rules regarding the use of the TIR Carnet and in particular Rule 10 (a) thereof, which stipulates that "the manifest shall be completed in the language of the country of departure, unless the Customs authorities allow another language to be used. The Customs authorities of other countries transversed reserve the right to require its translation into their own language. In order to avoid delays which might ensue from this requirement , carriers are advised to supply the driver of the vehicle with the requisite translation."
Consequently, TIR Carnet holders entering Iran are advised to either complete the Goods manifest in English or Persian or to, at least, provide translations in English or Persian.