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The Working Party serves as a forum for assessing changes and trends in the European gas situation. It favours the exchange of information and experience between ECE member-countries, considering policies, fostering international cooperation in problems of common interest and promotes the significant benefits to consumers from the use of the valuable natural resource.
The annual sessions of the Working Party on Gas, usually held at the end of January, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, gather together about one hundred participants representing governments, industry, private gas sector and international organisations. The Working Party on Gas reviews gas industries and gas markets developments, process of reforms, market liberalization, environmental policies of gas industry operations, major gas projects, position of gas versus other forms of energy, identify issues for intergovernmental cooperation and other issues. It decides on undertaking major studies, such as "Blue Corridor", "Underground Gas Storage in Europe and Central Asia", and "Interconnection of Gas Networks", etc. In conjunction with the session, the Round Tables on topical issues of the gas industry are organized with participation of prominent experts in the area of discussion. In addition, the Working Party on Gas reviews the work undertaken by the Gas Centre.
Selected topics related to upstream activities are also considered by the Working Party on Gas while other technical issues such as transport, distribution and use of gas are dealt with through the activities of the Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Supply and Use of Gas.