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Enhancing national capacities to develop and implement energy efficiency standards for buildings in the UNECE region

UNECE is implementing the extrabudgetary  project “Enhancing National Capacities to Develop and Implement Energy Efficiency Standards for Buildings in the UNECE Region” (funded by the Russian Federation). It is implemented under the auspices of the Joint Task Force on Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings. The project aims to enhance capacity of the UNECE member States to develop and implement energy efficiency in buildings, with a focus on residential buildings. Improving energy efficiency in buildings is one of the most cost-effective options for meeting growing energy demand and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in most countries. Following the completion of the project it is expected to achieve significant change in improving the knowledge of policy makers and experts from UNECE member States of the energy efficiency standards, their enforcement mechanisms and energy efficient technologies in buildings by conducting trainings with deep dives into areas of major interest, including: establishing and enforcing energy efficiency norms and procedures; barriers to energy efficiency standards implementation; investments into energy efficiency projects; introduction of energy management systems in cities, especially in the housing sector; and effective functioning of energy service companies (ESCOs). The project’s expected accomplishments include:

  • Improved knowledge of advanced energy efficiency standards in buildings in the UNECE region by UNECE member States.
  • Enhanced and up-to-date network of experts from public and private sectors on energy efficiency in buildings in the UNECE region.
  • Strengthened capacity of national authorities, building sector professionals, homeowner associations and other relevant stakeholders to develop and implement advanced energy efficiency standards in buildings and introduce energy efficient technologies at the national and sub-national levels.
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