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Subregional cooperation and capacity-building activities in Central Asia in 2019 - 2021


III.A.3. Central Asia

Entity(ies) responsible:  Lead partner, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) with support from the secretariat and in consultation with the concerned countries


III.A.3.1 Finalize needs assessment exercises/feasibility studies and draft capacity-building strategies/action plans for introducing strategic environmental assessment systems in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan: Needs assessment finalized and presented to the national stakeholders at a workshop on 14 December 2020 and the action plan finalised and presented to the stakeholders on 29 April 2021


Kyrgyzstan: Questionnaires collected in March 2021; Draft needs assessment and the action plan prepared and being translated into Russian and shared with the Government in June 2021


Tajikistan: Questionnaires collected in April 2021; Draft needs assessment and the action plan finalised in July 2021


Uzbekistan: Questionnaires collected and interviews conducted in March 2021; Draft needs assessment and the elements of the action plan prepared and presented to the Government on 8 June 2021


Turkmenistan: Low commitment by the government. Draft needs assessment and the action plan prepared in July 2021 based on desk research and limited number of questionnaires received in April/May 2021

III.A.3.2. Organize national awareness raising workshops in some Central Asian countries to present and discuss them

Kazakhstan: carried out on 14 December 2020

Kyrgyzstan: carried out on 11 October 2021 (online)

Tajikistan: carried out on 17 March 20211 (online)

Uzbekistan: carried out on 8 June 2021 (online)

Turkmenistan: carried out on 14 October 2021 (online)

III.A.3.2. Organize a final sub-regional event in one of the Central Asian countries to share experience and discuss lessons learned

Scheduled for 10 November 2021 in a hybrid mode


Implementation status

Promoting practical application of the Protocol and/or the Convention


Support Kazakhstan in establishing compliant national EIA and SEA systems with a view to implementing its new Environmental Code

a. Comments to draft road map to implement the Convention prepared in May 2021

Justification: The activity stems from annex III to decision VIII/2–IV/2 and the new requests made by Kazakhstan during the last sessions of the Meetings of the Parties

b. Round table to discuss the draft road map conducted on 21 June 2021 

Entity(ies) responsible: secretariat, in cooperation with Organization for Security and Cooperation in Nur Sultan and the EU funded Partnership for Action on Green Economy

c. An awareness raising event on EIA and SEA carried out in 4 half-day online sessions for 61

participants on 30 March–2 April 2022

Funding: 2021 funding from Switzerland

d. An initial training workshop on strategic environmental assessment carried out online in two half-day sessions on 28–29 April 2021 for 60 participants


e. A training workshop consisting of eighth online sessions has been implemented from 19 May to 16 June 2021 for 50 participants


f. Terms of reference for a database on environmental impact assessment procedures planned for August–November 2021 (date to be confirmed)


g. A training workshop on transboundary environmental impact assessment (autumn 2021, date to be confirmed).