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Task Force on Satellite Accounts for Education and Training

Contact person: Ms Tihomira Dimova and Mr Rami Peltola 


  • Operationalize the framework for constructing satellite accounts on education and training presented in the Guide on Measuring Human Capital, including the breakdowns of the various expenditures on training and education;
  • Recommend a classification to be used for costs and products, and link to the classifications used in the national accounts;
  • Identify the key variables, and the main and supplementary tables in the satellite accounts;
  • Carry out pilot testing of the satellite accounts to test the methodology, data availability and quality;
  • Identify best practices, recommend improvements to methods and data sources for developing cost-based measures of human capital; and
  • Develop a compilation guide for satellite accounts for education and training.

Terms of Reference (February 2017)
Satellite Account for Education and Training: Compilation Guide - Draft (November 2019)
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