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Task Force on Entrepreneurship Statistics

Contact person: Mr. Carsten Boldsen

  • Develop guidelines on the statistical infrastructure required to support the production of business demography and entrepreneurship statistics. The guidelines should provide:
    • Guidance on how to develop statistical business registers to support the production of business demography and entrepreneurships statistics, including:
      • Definitions and in particular compilation guidelines of key demographic events, including births and deaths.
      • Suggestions of basic demographic statistics that could be produced directly from the statistical business register.
      • Recommendation of basic requirements for the statistical business register for the production of business demographic information, longitudinally, infra-annually and sub-nationally.
  • Guidance on linking statistical business registers with information from other data sources (administrative/social registers or other statistical registers) for improving the production of business demography statistics with a view to be used as entrepreneurship indicators.

Terms of reference (June 2016)

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