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Global Assessments and Sector Reviews

The aim of conducting Global Assessments (GAs) of national statistical systems in South East European (SEE) and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) countries is to provide an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the institutional, organizational and technical capacity of the countries to produce official statistics that comply with international and European guidelines and recommendations, including the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics (FPs) and the European Statistics Code of Practice (CoP).

GAs do not focus exclusively on the national statistical offices/committees but encompass all major producers of statistics (e.g. Ministries of Finance and National Banks). Thus, GAs are a unique opportunity for governments, national authorities, users and other national and international stakeholders to obtain a comprehensive picture of the overall state of development of statistical systems.

GA reports provide detailed recommendations for the sustainable development of national statistical systems that, ideally, are incorporated into statistical capacity-building programmes and strategies (e.g. Master Plans or National Strategies for the Development of Statistics). These strategies are then made operational through annual statistical programmes of work and implemented by the beneficiary countries, with the support of the international community.
Sector reviews are more in-depth assessments on specific topics, often as a follow-up to recommendations in GAs.

GA and sector review reports: